MUSICAL JOURNEY: My grandparents sang with Fisherrow Fishwives Choir, their love for music passed to my mum who had a lovely voice. My Dad, drummer in an RAF marching band, he adored the fiddle and accordion. In a family with an appreciation of Scottish and Irish music, I too developed this passion. At school I played cello in orchestras and, as a teenager, I played fiddle with Edinburgh Shetland Fiddlers. Today I generally play music as a hobby. Recognising the benefits of keeping fit through dance, I also play for ceilidhs and enjoy dancing myself.  I see music as a passport to meeting people and sharing tunes. Leaving to play music, mum would call out to me "have fiddle will travel."  

Stirling Castle, Pipefest  

A massive crowd gathered to watch the pipers and I was delighted to get this film of them playing

Sharon Shannon & the Waterboys

A favourite song of mine written by Mike Scott. My photos chosen to reflect his beautiful words

Martin Hayes & the Tulla Ceili Band

In Co Clare, I heard the unmistakable playing of Martin and followed the music in to this great event

MUSICAL REFLECTIONS: My memories are of family and friends enjoying music, as seen in photos combined with me singing.  Community came together to celebrate the Fisherman's Walk. My Musical Reflections album shows people I have enjoyed playing music with. For fun, I also display snippets of stories and music which has influenced me and I try to pass on. In sharing my photos and films I give something back to the music community which has helped me to develop my music. Today I am learning to read and write music but, the majority of my first tunes, I learnt to play by ear. In an often busy world, music and dance is excellent at bringing people together and I try to pass on what I have learnt to others.

Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo  

Filming behind the scenes, a last musical warm up for the pipes and drums before the show begins

Scottish Country Dancing, BC Highland Games

Dancers not just from Canada but also, over from Scotland and New Zealand, an international gathering

Gerry and Donal O'Connor

From Dundalk, here as a father and son duo, the O'Connors come from generations of Irish musicians 


PEOPLE AND SONGS OF THE SEA: Above is the cover of the album I produced as part of my People of the Sea project. A manager in cultural tourism, I had set up Highland 2007 (32 agencies producing a national, year long celebration of Highland Culture). My mum from the fishing community, on her 80th birthday asked me to "celebrate the fishing". My project was to bring people together and get them talking, sharing songs and stories. Her birthday wish was granted but mum, never saw what followed. Over 12,000 came to my exhibitions and events. Awards were won and this project has rippled out since to connect many more through social media and also in person. 

Mass Pipe Bands, BC Highland Games

"Scotland the Brave" a wonderful conclusion for the many thousands attending the BC Games

Teada and Brian Cunningham

The beautiful immigration suite by Charlie Lennon and fantastic dancing by Brian Cunningham

John Sheahan "Signatures"

Better known as the fiddle player in the Dubliners, John is a great writer (and performer) of poems